Email Marketing for Retail
At Acid League I consistently delivered 2-3 marketing emails per week; above are some examples. I have used brand colours, shapes, typography and my photography to create appealing, scroll-worthy emails.
Re-purposing for Social
Our email efforts typically went hand-in-hand with promoting on social media. Repurposing email copy in the form of stories on Instagram lengthened the copy’s reach. Above is the email design, below is the content reformatted for stories.

Paid Media Ads
Our primary goal with paid media ads was to target middle-of-funnel customers to convert with enticing offers and endorsements from authorities in the food space.

Reels for Social Media
One of the main challenges consumers faced when approaching Acid League products was "how to use acid in everyday cooking". So we met our audience where they ask this question the most—Instagram. I was tasked to create a reel on a bi-weekly basis that highlighted an Acid League product in a quick cut, craveable way to keep viewers attention. These videos are all shot on an iPhone, edited in Premiere Pro and were styled to align with our brand's signature vibrant and hard-light visuals.

E-commerce for Living Pantry
The first shoot I did upon my arrival at Acid League was for the launch of 17 new pantry staples. Living Pantry reimagined traditional condiments and cooking staples. The line includes a variety of Living Vinegars, olive oils, soup and sauce starters, condiments and hot sauces. Here is 1 of 3 views that I created for each product.
E-commerce and Campaign Photography for Whole Foods
Shortly after the launch of Living Pantry, we launched 15 new products into Whole Foods.  For this launch I created a library of photography for use in press releases, line sheets and the website.
Campaign Photography for the Holiday Cocktail Kit
The Holiday Cocktail Kit was a collection of syrups, bitters, shrubs and flavor boosters created by for our Acid League Experimentals line.  The Creative Director and I collaborated on art direction for the shoot, sourcing props and backdrops, as well as set and food styling.

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